SRC’s Corporate Social Responsibility

One of SRC’s values that align across the board is our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Corporate sociaresponsibility, [CSR] - corporation's initiatives to assess and 
take responsibility for the company's effects on environmental and social wellbeing.

From teaming up with Conscious Capitalism San Diego, to hosting SRC’s Charity Match Program, we ensure that we are taking part in giving back to our community in both helpful and fun ways.

Current Events!

Previous Events!

April 2018 

April is Stress Awareness Month and all month long we’ll be giving out tips and tricks on how to combat stress and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle! That will take place on our Instagram and Twitter!

We have wrapped up our Can Food Drive and we have surpassed our goal!! Click here for our blog about it.

SRC’s Annual Food Drive

Yes that’s right! As part of SRC’s Corporate Social Responsibility, we are rolling out our Canned Food Drive! From now until the end of November, we’ll be collecting Canned Goods and updating our social media pages each week with our progress! Our goal is simple: to collect 100 – 150 cans and to spread awareness. Hopefully we inspire you to give back to your local community!

The flyer above is the list of all acceptable items to give! We are very excited that this is just one of many activities that we are doing, as the 4th Quarter commences.


San Diego Brain Tumor Foundation Charity Walk!

SRC is proud to announce that In September of 2017, we partnered with San Diego Brain Tumor Foundation!!
This organization hits close to home with one of our key members**, so we all decided to support, be it participating in the 5K walk this past weekend (Saturday, September 23rd) or donating!

We are proud to announce that SRC has matched all of the employee contributions and in total raised almost $800!!

**To read more on Chuck’s story and how you can make a difference, visit the link: Chuck’s Story

Charity Match Donation

Last year, we had our 4th Quarter Charity Match Donation, where we reached out to all of our external employees (our temp, temp-to-hire, and direct hire placements) and let them know that if they donated to the charity of their choice, we would go ahead and match that donation up to $50.00. Read below for more details:

‘Tis The Season to be…Giving! – Spencer Reed Consulting
It was a very humbling experience, because we were able to learn something new about our employees!

Some donated to Alzheimers, some to the Red Cross, some to Best Friend’s Animal Society and many more.