Blog Series Part 4 (The Finale)



Whether it’s special projects or seasonal demand, companies turn to outsourcing payrolling services when they are in need of hiring employees ASAP. Many large employers across the country have decided to use SRC as their contingent labor, payroll services provider. Are you still wondering if it’s right for you? Here’s who should be using Payrolling Services.

1. Special Projects

In any industry, you’ve got special projects (where more resources are required) and in some industries, there are seasonal demands for more help. In both cases, a large number of employees are needed ASAP and for some, it can be temporary assignments.

If it is a temporary assignment, you will want to outsource payrolling. We treat payrolled employees like any employee, when it comes to being onboarded and taken care of. If the assignment is temporary and you need a certain amount of employees asap, you’re best bet is to let us do the paperwork, the background checks, the drug screens all while offering exceptional benefits and customer service.

2. You’re a New or Small Business

In the first case above, we talk about a larger company who is in demand of a high number of employees asap. But in this case, if you’re a newer business, a start-up or in the small business realm, you have to allocate your spending wisely. For a smaller business, an HR Department could be a team of 1 or 2. If that sounds familiar, let us take a load off your plate and the stress of providing health benefits as well as other perks that come with it.

3. You Must Constantly Be Up-to-Date on Law Changes

State and Federal laws change quite often. Keeping up-to-date and being compliant with all of the laws are vital to any business. When you outsource payrolling, you outsource your worries. SRC’s compliant at all times; we’re also always knowledgeable of the new health benefits in multiple states/nationwide, as we will be the ones offering the benefits!

Once you find that perfect employee for your job, we are here to help!

This concludes our 4-Part Payrolling Services Blog Series. If you have any further questions or if you are ready to get started, feel free to reach out to us via our “Contact Us” section!

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