Blog Series Part 3



Whether it’s special projects or seasonal demand, companies turn to outsourcing payrolling services when they are in need of hiring employees ASAP. We, at SRC, love onboarding.


Why do we love onboarding? For many reasons, but here are 3:

1. We love meeting awesome people through the onboarding experience.

Every time we onboard a new employee, it is the same process, but a different experience. Each employee we meet has a different story, a different background and a different assignment to work on. One thing that is the same across the board: their excitement to work and succeed.



2. We have a satisfaction in knowing that we’ve taken a load off our partner’s plate.

Onboarding is a process. If a company chooses to onboard internally, that means it’s:

  • Another process to get down
  • Certain to be timely
  • Not only timely, but human resources will be needed to do all the steps in the implementation phase mentioned in the previous blog (click here to read)

There’s always uncertainty when hiring people and turnover because of many factors (culture fit, etc.). We’ll come in and be your resource. We take pride in knowing that the company won’t be losing any time or man-power, thus having more time to dedicate to other areas in their business that can increase revenue.

3. It aligns with our motto.

On our logo, it says 3 words below SRC: Listen. Connect. IgniteThrough payrolling services, we are able to listen to the wants and the needs of companies, we’re then able to connect with them as well as their employees. Finally, we are able to ignite an efficient and successful process.

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