Today is Get To Know Your Customer Day! Get to Know Your Customer Day is observed annually on the third Thursday of each quarter (January, April, July, October). This is a day for businesses to reach out to their patrons and get to know them better. One way (among many) that we do that is by recognizing them on their birthday. We don’t give the standard, plain old gift cards. We personalize each gift. How?? By sending them Sugarwishes.

Before I explain what a Sugarwish is, let me preface by giving you some info on our customers. In the staffing industry we have two customers/patrons: Companies and Talent.

One Customer – The Companies:

  • We have an Account Management team that establishes unique and special partnerships with each of our clients. It is vital to get to know our clients to ensure that we are the right fit for them and that we are providing everything they need from us, which includes consulting and providing talent. That brings us to our next customer:

Another Customer – The Talent:

We have talent acquisition specialists (or recruiters) who search high and low across all job boards, referrals, websites, etc. searching for:

  • People who would be the right fit for any jobs we have open and
  • People who are currently seeking employment

At SRC we strive on building lasting relationships with our customers; going beyond the job! For the companies, it would be team building activities. But for the talent/contractors/external employees, we always want to make sure they feel appreciated. So, what do we do? We start off with celebrating their birthday!! We want to make sure they feel recognized in the workplace, not just as an employee but as a great person who we’re happy to have met and connected with.

Since we’re nationwide, we can’t always be there to deliver a birthday gift in person. However, we can deliver a special treat catered to each and every employee.

Thanks to a company called Sugarwish!

What is Sugarwish?

It is the “gift that would bring “thoughtfulness” back to giving”! Sugarwish is a website where the giver could choose the gift (in this case, candy) and then the receiver could personalize it, by choosing details of the gift (the specific types of candy).

Normally, companies would give out your standard gift cards or gift certificates and it’s hard to be as vague as possible with it, seeing as not everyone likes or uses or purchases from the same stores/brands. Well, thanks to Sugarwish, we’ve gotten to know a fun fact about each of our customers, and that is: we send them all a Sugarwish box and each of them let us know what they ended up choosing and they’re all quite different!

It’s not just Candy!

There’s chocolate, licorice, hard candy, gummy candy, dried fruit, jelly beans, and even savory treats such as seeds, pistachios, and more!

Check out Sugarwish on their site and if you are currently an SRC employee, get ready for a treat headed your way on your birthday!

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