As the 3rd quarter commences next week, we take a look back at all that we’ve been able to work on and achieve in the 2nd quarter as a team.

2nd Quarter Reflection

These past 3 months have not only seen success but lessons well learned. SRC had a wonderful increase in internal staff this quarter.
That means there’s an additional Account Manager, Recruiter and Marketers that are prepared to assist clients and contractors alike with wonderful opportunities. Our range of jobs available has increased in positions as well as different industries; take a look at that on our jobs section.

Looking Ahead

The 3rd Quarter for SRC comes with great opportunities. Not only to grow as a company, but to continuously help other companies find the talent that they are looking for while simultaneously helping people find the right job opportunities for them. We are also expanding on our social responsibility! Keep an eye on our social media pages for updates on our Charity projects and a special “slogan” campaign!

Stay tuned!!


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