It’s the beginning of December, and although it’s not yet winter (Winter Solstice is December 21, fun fact), there is something in the air.

With all of the holidays coming up and the year, winding down, the Spencer Reed Consulting team sat down and talked about what we were thankful for this year. We had so much fun, success, trials, tribulations, ups and downs. Through it all, we had each other. We were thankful for what was given to us, and decided it was our turn to do the giving!

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This last quarter, we rolled out the 1st Annual SRC Charity Match Program!!

When we first thought of this, we were stumped on which charity we wanted to donate too.

So we got help from both our internal staff as well as our external staff! We all had the amazing opportunity to donate to whichever charity we wanted and in return, Spencer Reed Consulting would match their contributions!!

Not only we were able to run a successful Charity Match Program, we were also able to learn more about our contractors/employees and each other through the charities that were chosen. Some of the charities showcased the different passions that each of the SRC family had (World Wildlife Fund, Best Friend’s Animal Society, etc.). Others hit close to home and made us realize how thankful we are to have each other (American Cancer Society, Convoy of Hope, etc.)

We thank all of our employees and staff who are or have participated and made this a wonderful experience to have!

Cheers to everyone, and embrace the season of giving back! *all logos are clickable and will lead you to their website*
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